What Drives Us

A common stereotype on what it means to work at a startup is eating pizza at midnight and working on the weekends. We’ve lived the stereotype in our pasts and realized that’s the best way to land up unhappy, unproductive and mentally exhausted.  We realize that living a balanced life is not just ideal, but crucial, to our happiness as individuals and success as a company.

Family, Friends, and Life
Often times in the Silicon Valley chase, people lose their grasp on life going months on end before realizing that they haven’t spent meaningful time with their closest friends and family.  Our core belief is that the whole reason for working at a startup is to enrich your life and share your successes with people you care about.

Non-consensus thinking
In a region dominated by a single industry, it is very easy to fall into a me-too mentality and follow the latest trend or tech celebrity.  Ironically, this is the antithesis of what has made Silicon Valley such a magical place to begin with. We think for ourselves and  are critical of the hype cycle.

Problem-first mindset
One of the hardest things about building a company is being able to define and articulate a real problem that exists in the world. What we’ve found over and over is that putting ourselves in our customer's shoes is the best way to make sure that we’re solving the right problems, rather than creating solutions for non-existent problems. On a day-to-day level, this means first identifying the problem at hand, before spending time and energy solving it. 

Planned growth
Why run 100 miles an hour if you don’t know where you’re headed? Having a plan for customer, revenue, and employee growth allows us to have the time and space to think clearly about our goals, and ensure that we can achieve what we have ahead of us. We don’t want to always be racing towards the next deadline, with no room to course-correct and rebuild things. Allowing for those times in our plan allows us to bring the very best products to our customers without cutting corners on our lives or the quality of what we deliver.

Our headquarters is located at:
1161 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103