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Top 3 reasons why telecoms are failing at Machine Learning & AI

9/5/2017 0 Comments

Over the past two years, my cofounders and I have been meeting with telecoms all around the world, from Afghanistan to Zambia and the U.S. and finding incredible similarities across every company, regardless of the company size and region.  

What we found is that every telecom shares the same business objectives:1. how do they become the leading network in their region and 2. how do they keep customers happy.

However, when telecoms attempt to adopt a big data strategy in order to accelerate towards these top objectives, they end up wasting valuable time and resources on dead end projects.  This is not a unique situation - in fact Gartner predicts that through 2017, 60 percent of big data projects will fail to go beyond piloting and experimentation, and will be abandoned. 

Around the world billions of people depend on their mobile carriers to stay connected. While carriers are making meaningful investments in their networks to meet demands for faster speeds and more coverage, managing and executing on big data and machine learning remains a challenge for many providers.

After hundreds of conversations with IT teams, marketers, and executives, we boiled down the top 3 symptoms indicating that a they are not ready for machine learning. 

Why Traditional Churn Prevention Initiatives are Failing for Telecoms

1/29/2016 1 Comment

In this post we’ll talk about why marketers have no control in preventing subscriber churn.

For the reasons outlined below, we believe that the future lies in empowering the marketer with powerful technology that eliminates their dependence on business intelligence or technical teams, putting marketers in control of preventing and lowering subscriber churn.


1/28/2016 0 Comments

Welcome to the Adazza blog! This is our first post so I thought I’d provide a little background and explain the motivation behind this blog.

Every year telecom and cable providers lose billions in US dollars from customers canceling their subscriptions. A Tech Republic article from 2014 revealed that 75% of new wireless subscribers are actually coming from other providers who didn’t address their needs.  Furthermore,  annual churn rates amongst telecom companies range between a striking 10% and 67%.