Stop drowning in spreadsheets and IT requests for data.   

The easiest and most powerful way to unify all of your data into a single source of truth.  Break new ground with live insights and machine learning.
Customer Care data
Billing data
CRM data
Social data
Usage data
Network data
Out of the box Machine Learning apps for predicting churn, fraud, and more.
Ad Hoc Analysis. Spend time uncovering critical insights instead of drowning in data prep.
Automated reporting and live dashboards for all teams. Act faster and never create the same report twice.


Identify your highest value customers and monitor the entire journey from one place.  Know when your customers will go inactive before it happens with Adazza's predictive applications.



Never question the integrity of your financial reports. Access live and automated dashboards for all of your critical key metrics. 



Don't wait to know the most critical metrics affecting your bottom line.  Access live, accurate, and complete metrics in a dashboard built for your top needs. 

Customer Care

Access a 360 customer view including support history, billing history, lifetime value, and more. Customer profiles are unified across across every contact channel, including social media. 



Monitor network performance and know when a customer or region is being affected.  Customer care reps and marketers can proactively alert customers. 


Revenue Assurance & Fraud

Unified data on a customer level allows you to uncover fraudulent activities and detect anomalies in behavior so you can address and act immediately on revenue leakage and fraud. 

How It Works


Connect data from any sources using Adazza’s ingestion tool and map your data to our standardized telecom schema


Adazza automates the ETL process transforming incoming data to our standardized telecom schema


Your IT, BI, and business teams gain direct access to a single source of truth. Visualize your data with our out-of-the-box dashboards for every team.